Julie Wentworth

Pilates Instructor


Movement is an integral part of my life. My body and my mind feel their best when I’m moving my body in some way everyday. Growing up in Cape Cod, Massachusetts and moving to the Flathead Valley in 2006, I have always sought out ways to get outside and enjoy the beautiful places I’ve lived. Running has always been a passion of mine. After years of running as my only form of exercise, I began to notice imbalances in my body. I sought out pilates to correct these and provide strength to some long neglected areas of my body. The addition of regular pilates into my exercise routine transformed my body and I was hooked. I completed the Equinox Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training program in 2016 in Boston, Ma. While I trained classically, my teaching style is a blend between contemporary and classical Pilates. Pilates is a system of exercises that works the whole body while building strength, addressing asymmetries, improving balance and creating a mind-body connection. I hope to see you in class soon!